Thursday, October 18, 2007

A quick update...

We've been a bit slack lately on the blog side, mostly because nothing's really happened! After all the excitement of moving, we both just want to stay home and hide on our computers and play games.

On Monday it was my birthday (but you probably already know that!). So the Saturday before, we had a joint flatwarming/ birthday party. We invited all the neighbours so they couldn't complain, and set the time for 7pm knowing full well that noone would turn up then.

Finally around 9, a few friends turned up, as did the neighbour from across the hall, a great Chilean guy. He was very cool and brought yummy Chilean food for us to eat. It was chicken, but I still ate it not to be rude. Then I forgot and all three girls who attended were talking about how we were all vegetarian. Oops...

When people all finally arrived by 10, 11, 12... it was very fun. Around 1pm, after waiting for a couple to drive up from SJ, we went down to Ruby Skye which is on our street, where a DJ we really like was playing. It was hectic there, with a huge line and limos everywhere. The bouncer told us the club closed at 2am, and the line was an hour long... so it wasn't really worth it even for Benny Benassi! So instead we all walked down a much farther distance to 1015, and had some fun. All in all, it was a good party and a good night!

Last night, Brendan told me to come home from work early (where early = by 6-6.30pm.) to get my birthday present from him. So I did...

When I got home, Brendan asked me to change into something “semi-casual, semi-formal”. I had no idea what he meant, until I noticed he was wearing his suit jacket over his t-shirt – this is highly formal for him (short of an actual black tie dinner!) so I wore something semi-formal. We had dinner at our favorite restaurant, and went to the SF Playhouse Theatre to see “Six Degrees of Separation”, about a young man who gains access to the houses of rich people by pretending to be the son of a famous actor. It was a fantastic play, we both really enjoyed it. And it was a nice surprise – I never expected anything like that! The director was Bill English (not the politician!) and some of the cast have been in lots of other things, like Jessica Siebel in Valley of Elah.

oooh... that reminds me... I made a birthday cake and took the remains to work... I completely made too much icing about 2 hours before the party and had to run to the dairy a block away and buy 2 boxes of icing sugar. And now there is far too much icing... gotta keep it away from Brendan or he will eat it all and ruin his diet (his words!). So I'm just going to pop downstairs and get some cake!

And if the formatting is screwy, I did try and change it!

Friday, October 05, 2007

On the fire escape....

If you squeeze through the tiny side bedroom window, we have a fire escape. We're on the third/ fourth floor of our building, and all older buildings have to have them. (It adds another floor about halfway down as you go down the hill, but we only walk up 3 and a half actual flights of stairs.) Yesterday Brendan decided that we should go on the fire escape for the first time ever. I'm still dubious about its safety as we don't know how old it is, although it looks sturdy enough.

He also thinks we should put all the smokers on it for our party. I don't think it's that safe to hold lots of people!

We also discovered that it has a ladder up to the roof of the building, with an awesome view. I'll post a picture as soon as I have the nerve to climb up there again, and actually take the camera.

Tomorrow and Sunday there is an airshow by the Blue Angels, famous F-18 fighter pilots who do stunt shows. John and Dad would love it. If we go on the roof, we will have a fantastic view, without battling the estimated million other people who also want to see it, down at the Marina. Although the hotel could get in the way.

Yesterday they spent all day flying really low over our house, said Brendan (who couldn't have any naps because of the noise). I saw them while I was outside as well, by my work. I love the noise they make when they break the sound barrier - it reminds me of being a kid and going to Ohakea.

Also, we have decided to keep our car for a while, when I discovered that for $60 a year, we can have a resident pass! Compared to us recently paying $15, $20, $30 a DAY to keep our car in a garage overnight, or moving it around at 6am and then again at 8am before taking it to work, as I have been all this week!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Our car is for sale....

And so in the grand tradition of Craigslist, people call to look at the car and then don't follow up. I took time off work today to go and show someone a car, and then they didn't show up. And people call in the middle of the day when I'm at work. Oh well.

On the bright side, we now have monthly bus passes. I can stop trying to hunt loose change to make the $1.50 exact change that the buses need.

It's my birthday in 2 weeks. We're having a flatwarming to celebrate.