Monday, January 31, 2011

Featuring: Ghent, Belgium

I've got far too many photos... so I've decided to show a couple from each place. Today's feature: Ghent, Belgium.

We were so excited to drive into Belgium. We ended up staying at the Holiday Inn at Ghent, 105 Euros a night, ouch! It was around midnight though, and every other hostel we tried was closed. Oh, well. The rooms were very nice.

At the park opposite the railway station.
Typical street views.
I loved the bell tower here. We weren't really sure about it at first... but I'm glad we went. The view was awesome.

Here's the bell tower from the outside:

And from the top....

The other highlight of Ghent was the Adoration of the Lamb. They were restoring it while we were there. It's amazing to see it in person. This is a sneaky photo.