Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harry Potter on the IMAX screen

A flower market just off Market Street

The other day we got to see a special screening of the new Harry Potter movie which had just come out, courtesy of IBM. It was in San Francisco, at the IMAX theatre there which is the largest on the West coast of the US. And as a special treat, the last 20 minutes of the film were in 3D. So we put on our dorky glasses, which used polarized light to separate the images. It looked great - starting right at the point where Harry and friends go flying on the invisible horses to London.Downtown San Francisco

In front of the IMAX theatre, we got stalked by "bums" as Geoff calls them. The thing about the homeless people here, apart from the sheer volume, is that they're extremely persistent and will follow you around, after you've already said, "No".Brendan in downtown Market Street

Afterwards, we spent a long time wandering around the downtown (Market Street), lower pier areas and the Embarcadero, all of which we hadn't explored yet.Fountain at the Embarcadero Centre

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