Thursday, August 16, 2007

I have a new job!!!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently - things have been pretty hectic. But my big news is that after very little activity job-wise (but not on my part, I assure you!), I now have a new job! I'm working as an Account Coordinator for a public relations company, which is my absolute dream job. After nothing for ages suddenly I have 4 interviews in one week, and the first company I interview with, offers me a role! And when I call the second company to decline the interview, since I only had 24 hours to accept the role, they also offer me the job on the spot! So it was a bit stressful (but happy stress) while I tried to get more time to check out the other place. In the end I decided that the first place was a lot more suited to me because it had fantastic training programs, even though the second place offered a bit more pay.

So I have just finished my second day at work, and it's pretty hectic but I'm enjoying it. BUT.... I do also have a 2.5 hour commute each way, so in a month we will be moving to San Francisco. It would be tomorrow if I could swing it but we really need to save 3 months' worth of rent beforehand. Plus moving and cleaning costs. Ouch.

Upcoming posts in the pipeline include: our trips to Reno and LA (including Disneyland and Hollywood and a real live baseball game! There will be photos. Also, a friend from NZ stayed for a week before she moved to Holland and the UK, so that was fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tina, Well done with the new Job ! What a relief it must have been after all this time to finally have a job.. and two to choose from as well! Awesome!!

So ... moving to San Francisco as well! I can imagine that will be a much more exciting location with greater night life etc etc... a bit more like being close to downtown Wellington only better. I suppose that will mean a 2.5 hr commute the other way for Brendan? Or will he be able to work from "home" some of the time? Love Wal

Tina said...

Hi Wal, thanks. :) I'm very pleased - though it's a very hectic one with long hours, something like 8-6 at least so I really can't wait to move!

Brendan's able to work from home entirely now, which is great. Also, there's an IBM in SF if he needs to go in for most reasons.

But, we do have to spend a LOT to move out of our existing lease, since it's only 4 months gone on a year-long lease. And we need to give 30 days' notice. So I think we'll be able to move probably at the end of September, when we save enough!!

love Tina