Thursday, January 31, 2008

Californians can't drive in the rain....

My manager has this saying that Californians can't handle driving in the rain... it certainly seems to double the time needed to get anywhere. It's true. They just go to pieces and traffic hits a standstill. Tonight the bus took a full 15 minutes to even move 1 block from my stop! I would ahve walked had I not been wearing heels and it not been pouring down. Luckily I had my umbrella from Brendan, so I was mostly dry.

Ewww... rain also seems to bring out the worst in people on the bus too - everyone's cold and wet and miserable and their umbrellas drag across your knees as they pass, making you start.

So we were planning to go to Tahoe this weekend for a sight-seeing trip, and then we got a call from friends saying, "So we're renting this chalet in Tahoe for the weekend, do you want to come?" I'm really excited. So I wrangled time off early from work by starting at 7am tomorrow so I can leave at 4 (to avoid 8 hours of traffic!), and then Brendan went to our car tonight so we could go shopping, and it needs a new battery. Yay. So I need to somehow track down a car battery, jumper cables and other car paraphernalia and drag it all home on the bus. And you know how much car batteries weigh!

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