Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here are some photos of our past few weekends....

We've been trying to get out and about at least one day a weekend in the last few weeks, or we'll just sit inside and play on our computers, the geeks that we are. So, here are a selection of photos from our travels: (click on them to expand them)

The view from the bus stop on California Street (it's the bus which takes me up the hill) - you can see the Bay Bridge (not Golden Gate) in the background.

The real Chinatown! (click on the pictures for a bigger and better view) It's always packed on a Saturday morning - this is where the Chinese come to do their shopping, and not on Grant which is the touristy area.

Here is the Fairmont Hotel, our house is just behind where I am standing!

Here is my church, Grace Cathedral (taken from the cable car...) - it's awesome and I love it. One day I'll get up there and take some photos of the entire inside and all the little details.

Here's one of the buses on the F-line - they are old trolley buses rescued from all over the world. Here's another that we travelled on to Fisherman's Wharf:

Last weekend, we decided that since it was the last day Brendan had his bus pass, we would travel around on all the cable cars, and the trolley bus. So once we got to Fisherman's Wharf, we went over to our favorite chocolate factory: (they give out free samples - usually caramel squares. This one's a limited edition peppermint one for Christmas.

We ordered extremely decadent sundaes... mine was blueberries with cheescake icecream! Brendan's was far nicer - dark chocolate and peppermint icecream. Very rich though! (And, don't get the cheesecake icecream - the cheesecake goes chewy.)

We sat on the beach across the road and ate our icecream - now how much like Wellington's Oriental Pde does this look like?

But, the presence of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcotraz kinda give it away....

Anyway, it was very nice and relaxing, and we walked out on the pier and took terrible photos and watched people feeding a seal. It was very funny when the seagull stole the fish - the seal chased it, leaping out of the water!

OK, so that is enough photos for now. More to come, as usual.

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