Saturday, February 16, 2008

Babies! (Not ours, luckily!)

Well, last Friday my sister Fia had her first baby, Jayden Rohan, at 11pm! Apparently she was only in the hospital for 20 minutes before she had it! So it was a reasonably quick labour, with no painkillers which is pretty brave. I swear he looks exactly like her with the same lips, nose and hair! Congrats, Fia!

So, today I got a text from Dad who has finally managed to go and visit. Quote: "Jayden is gorgeous and Fia is smitten"! Actually, I think Dad is smitten! Which is great. It's the first grandchild in our family, and my grandma now has two great-grandchildren! (My cousin Anneke and her husband Wouter also have a gorgeous little boy called Gawain who is 6 months older than Jayden. ) Fia is at her home in Fielding now if any NZ family and friends wish to visit, I'm sure she'd love to see you all.

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Lina said...

Congratulations!! To you as well as aunt and uncle :)