Saturday, March 08, 2008


So things have been a bit screwy recently with lots of visits from "Murphy" - firstly, last month we had a nasty shock when our tenant for our other house in San Jose ran away and left us to pay her rent for the next 3 months (since we're still on the lease and can't get out of it )! We can't seem to find a new person for two months despite Craigslist advertising, so it's a little frustrating to be paying for an empty house.

Then two weeks ago my company lost a client and let me go (not because of anything I'd done!). So feeling a little stretched financially since I need to find a new job. I'm worried because of the US (soon to be global?) recession - US companies are reluctant to hire people because the economy right now is taking a hit. At least I'm happier now - it was a toxic workplace.

Hopefully something good will happen soon!

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Richard Jennings said...

If you need a new job, try - When you add your profile, it shows you all your job matches. It was on Oprah...No I dont like Oprah that much, just thought it was cool.