Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Easter!

OK, so this post is a little late, since I finally finished taking all the photos I want to include for it, today.

Easter for me was pretty busy - I was singing most of Holy Week (Tues and Maundy Thursday and Saturday and maybe Friday?) and working at my part-time job (which is rapidly approaching fulltime, argh) the rest of the time. On Easter Day the church was packed, and I had to stand.... totally forgot about the people who come because it's culturally expected, twice a year. They're easy to spot: they're really dressed up and wear actual "Sunday dresses" (even by Nob Hill wealthy white people standards) and they leave around Communion. So rude. At least wait until the end of the service, it's only about another 30 spoken/sung lines, if that. I sat on the floor for the sermon.

Maundy Thursday service - choir about to start processing into the church from the back left.

Choir POV - View from the choir stalls behind the altar

On Saturday night the service was really dramatic: it started with everyone in the dark. We stood in procession outside in front of the huge bronze doors. They swung open, and in the dark, a huge fire in the baptismal font roared and crackled at the ceiling. We had handbells for one song - hilarity ensued when my friend next to me, holding a candle in one hand and a bell in the other, swung the wrong hand and nearly set my hair on fire!

Easter for Brendan was laid-back, and accompanied by a trip with me to various supermarkets including a closed Costco, with our Cali-girl friend and her even more Cali-girl gay guy friend. ("So, then she was like, 'Blah blah blah' and I was like, 'Totally!', and then she was like, 'Blah blah...' ") Cali-girl friend was planning to buy Cadbury Cream eggs in glorious 12 boxed bulk. (I really prefer not to shop on Sundays, actually, and shopping on Easter Day just seems sacrilegious. But we'd kinda promised our friend....) So later Brendan and I went to the beach down by Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory and grabbed free chocolate and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine.

So here (and above) are some photos from recent events vaguely summing up our Easter:

After the Easter service I went out to the park, where everyone had congregated. It looked something like this:

Herbs and Spices in bulk at Rainbow (man they'd kill me if they knew I was taking pictures - but because I love Rainbow. It's like the Organic Shop in Wellington. It even smells the same. Whole Foods is kinda even more similar as well, but Rainbow is better priced and has awesome bulk food. Whole Foods is nicknamed "Whole Paycheck" for good reason. I'm really going to miss the awesomeness that is Rainbow. I mean, spices, teas and all sorts of various herbs in bulk? How can you not love that? The other day I bought 20 clove heads. It probably cost me around 20c.)

A walk on the beach (or rather the pier by the beach):

On Monday after work, I went to Walgreens and found some Easter Eggs, so that we could actually have some since we couldn't find any on the Sunday. We're still eating them almost a week later.

Happy Easter - I hope you all had a relaxing weekend!

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