Friday, April 04, 2008

Bill and Hill in da house!

Tonight as I got off the bus after work, I wondered about the 3 police cars on the street since it seemed pretty quiet, apart from the double-parked activity at the Fairmont. As Brendan and I walked to the gym at 8, we noticed another police car parked outside the hotel next door with the words "Bomb Squad" on the side.

Turns out Bill and Hillary Clinton are meeting here with the President of Ecuador tonight, according to the two women outside the locked outside door to the gym. On one of the floors on the way to the gym (going the long way around), there is a large white room. In the centre of the room is a very long, narrow table filled with expensive designer handbags, various items of food and other miscellaneous things. I figure they're the coat check. Man, where's the camera when I need it?! (I was too scared to open the doors by the coatcheck.....)

So, Bill and Hillary were, for two hours, in the same building as us. Awesome. Now, if only we'd managed to actually see them.

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