Saturday, September 13, 2008

Exploration of space

Today I dragged Brendan out of bed (at 5pm!) where he'd magically disappeared again post-lunch, and we went on a walk/bike ride around Milton Keynes. I'm calling it a walk/ bike ride because we only have one bike (borrowed this week from Brendan's boss, thanks muchly!) so we alternated.

The "redways" in Milton Keynes provide a means of walking/ biking around the city - otherwise, the only navigation would be via cars, a la most American cities. I'm using them to train on for my half-marathon in March. (1 week of running down, 25 to go.....)

They mostly consist of red tarseal walkways with grass or small parks which look all the same, and not that many signposts.... There are an awful lot of small parks / playgrounds around here. This one is down the street from us. The area to the left is suitable for soccer, but the guys here seem to prefer to shout loudly and play soccer in the tiny park behind our house instead.

Today we discovered many things about Milton Keynes, most of them comparatively dull, including "The Concrete Cows" sculpture. A woman I met here told me she once joked she would chain herself to the cows when the council wanted to remove them to London - it sparked a huge media storm ("Pregnant woman threatens to chain herself to cows!") and even Parliamentary ministers got involved... but the cows remained.

We also discovered a cute little church called St. Lawrence Church. The lady who had the key had just locked the building, and offered to let us look inside. The church dates back to the 1200's, and has many original features. It also has two of the oldest church bells in the country, apparently. It seems to be a busy little church.

Some of the graves in the cemetery surrounding it were so old that you couldn't see what was written on them anymore.

Here is one of the stained-glass windows, relatively new aged mid-1800's.

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