Saturday, September 20, 2008

Milton Keynes sightseeing...

Today Brendan and I biked up to Stony Stratford, the Marina (posh shopping area) of Milton Keynes. There was much village-y quaintness. I love village-y quaintness. There was even sunshine!

We stopped for lunch at the Secret Garden, a small piece of green in the middle of Wolverton, next to the canal and the railway lines.

In 1999, some residents of Wolverton managed to convince the railway to sell them the land to make a garden, for £1. The garden is shaped around the contours of the remains of three villas, called the Limes and the Hawthorns, the homes of senior managers in the early railways era. They cost only £400 each in the 1850's... a steal nowadays!

Wolverton has a cute village area, and a 24-hour Tesco (supermarket). Except for Sundays, of course, where by a curious quirk in Britain, all shops close at 6pm.

Wolverton is actually one of the three towns which amalgamated into Milton Keynes, as is Stony Stratford and Bletchly. As a town centre, the town dates back to Roman times!

Look, cute village!

Stony Stratford is also cute village-y. It has two pubs, the "Cock" and the "Bull", which apparently gave rise to the phrase, "a cock and bull story". The Bull was advertising its service as suitable for wakes and weddings. Stony Stratford has lots of other pubs as well. The British love pubs.

Brendan is standing underneath the sign for the Bull.


Brendan is trying to convince me to have fish'n'chips for dinner, since our flatmates are cooking for 12 tonight so getting into the kitchen might be an issue. I had chips about a week ago, and felt quite ill. I hadn't really had chips before that for about a year, if not longer, and I think I'm ready not to have chips again for another year.

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