Thursday, October 09, 2008

The village of Romsey

... is apparently our next housing destination. We've had no luck finding something in Winchester itself, or even Eastleigh for that matter. We confirmed the details with the landlord today, and we're moving in on Sunday! Thanks to everyone for thoughts, prayers and general sympathy. (I was going to show you all where Romsey is on the map, but you'll have to look it up yourself. Google Maps and Blogger are both non-cooperative today.)

We're also looking into getting a car. I'm in two minds about this: on the one hand, I'd prefer to support public transport for the environmental aspect. I'd also prefer not to deal with the hassles of a car, and car insurance and ownership is far more expensive than the US. We'd pay the same amount in insurance per month here as we did in the US per six months!

On the other hand, it's hard to get around without a car, especially since we'll be living in a village, and public transport is extremely expensive. (E.g. travelling by train from here to Winchester is 64 pounds each!) So if we want to do any travelling, a car will pay for itself in train tickets over a year. Also, I may still end up working in London, although I'd prefer to work closer to home to avoid a two hour commute.

G, our ex-flatmate currently living in London, and used-car mogul par excellence, is helping us search. It would be great to find something by the weekend, so we can move all our stuff. G's also graciously agreed to teach us "the ways of the Force", as he calls it: driving "stick" shift. Last time he tried to teach me, the story became a Wellington urban legend amongst certain New World Thorndon (supermarket) workers .... F

Thoughts? Car? No car?


Anonymous said...

*puts hand up for car*
Traffic is a pain in the butt in England but you have to have a car if you're not living in the center of London. Or else you'll feel stuck after a week. And really poor on top of that.

Lina said...

OMG you guys!!! You're gonna be living really close to me!!! We can meet up in Salisbury (Stonehenge and stuff!!) which is a very pretty small town with the probably most perfect cathedrale+surrounding park! How exciting!! Plus, you'll be so close to the Isle of Wight and other awesome places! I'm so excited now! I can come visit you too!!

And yes, definitely get a car :D I'd sometimes feel stuck in Bath if I relied on the busses and trains - luckily everything here is in walking distance.


Tina said...


Yep, I think that describes it rather perfectly. How can it be so expensive when it's barely any distance at all and there are heaps of people?!


Stonehenge? Really? Awesome!!

Lina said...

Stonehenge is just outside Salisbury. But don't expect too much. I did and was disappointed. If you expect a rather small circle made from stones, nothing more, you might love it. That's apparently the way to go :p

Tina said...

Thanks for the warning. Now I need to lower my expectations! :)