Thursday, October 02, 2008

We're moving!

Brendan has been offered a job in Hursley, a little village down near Southampton at the bottom of the country. So we're leaving Milton Keynes and our obsessively tidy Sri Lankhan flatmates* behind and moving to Winchester.

Winchester has apparently been voted "Best Place to Live", and was the ancient capital of England. I'm particularly interested in Winchester Cathedral. It's the longest cathedral in Europe. Building started in 1027 AD, and by 1100 the monks had moved in.

Winchester Cathedral is also famous because Jane Austin, writer of "Pride and Predjudice" is buried there. Plus, it has ice-skating! (Brendan jokes that it combines two of my favourite things.) Unfortunately I won't be able to sing in the choir there, but oh well. The Girls choir is limited to age 17 and under.

So this weekend we hope to do some intensive searching for a new room, and collect our many boxes where they have languished for the past week on a London dock somewhere. Wish us luck!

*Only one is obsessively tidy, but it affects everyone. "Tee - na! Never, never [put dirty pot in sink, etc. etc.]."

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Anonymous said...

I wish you guys luck with moving. Again. Isn't it very tiring?