Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today Brendan was home sick for the second day running, so he felt the need to go to the supermarket and buy junk food from Iceland. Like neopolitan icecream bars for 75p. (It's kinda funny when he tries to talk, and only a whisper comes out.)

Presenting: Kia Ora orange squash. Not orange juice; orange squash. It's quite bitter. The name, though, is hilarious: for non-NZers, "kia ora" is Maori for "hello". So it's "hello orange squash"? Also, I feel as if it contravenes some indigenous copyright laws. Much like the Lego Technics debacle a few years ago.

(Here's a photo of a walkway near our house. Our new house in Chineham is much nicer than our last one.) 


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see y'all are okay. I'm sorry Brandon's sick. Your neighborhood looks very nice -- the houses are quite large. Are they apartment buildings?

Glad to see you back blogging...


Tina said...

Hi Edie,

Yes, I know - I've been slack. Brendan's mostly suffering from "man-cold", which is like "man-flu" but not nearly as bad. Except it involves more coughing.

The houses look really large, but they're apartment buildings. We're on the top floor of one, but it's a 4-storey walk-up!

The area is very new - so new that it doesn't feature in our GPS reader!


Berry said...

theres a chocolate milk here called "Sup"