Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spring has arrived!

After losing our internet for a month, and then regaining it, we've been a little slack on the updates front recently. Also, trying to upload photos from our small camera is not a happy thing, because it eats batteries. 

We're enjoying our new flat in Chineham, which we're sharing with two crazy Polish guys. We do occasionally manage to escape Basingstoke (once you get a few miles out, it becomes much more interesting!) so here is a list of posts which are currently under construction, either in draft form or in my head:
  • The British Pub Experience (with Tony)
  • Winchester/ Hursley (with Martha)
  • The search for Watership Down
  • The Forest of Dean Half-Marathon (plus road trip!)
  • The Welsh Border and Cardiff
  • Newbury with Gareth and Elizabeth
  • The 'Inas do Bristol
  • Vyne walk
The weather here has improved significantly. It's raining today, but we had a solid run of about two weeks of sunshine. Amazing! On roadsides everywhere, the trees are starting to green (or pink, or white) and there are daffodils. Mmmm.*

*Not that Brendan notices, since he is currently obsessed with the Playstation. ;) 

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Anonymous said...

Very much looking forward to new posts!
Especially "Inas do Bristol". *lol* =P