Monday, December 18, 2006

AIPT forms have been finalised!

Wow, AIPT emailed today to ask when we wanted to leave, as they had finalised our certificates and just needed to print the date. That's so quick! I expected it would take 4-6 weeks, and it's only taken about a week and a half. The certificates of sponsorship (and our visas) basically start from this date, so it's important. AIPT suggested January 1st (!!), but that's too soon for us so Brendan asked for the 22nd of Jan. This hopefully will give us time to go up to the consulate and get ourselves organised (and clean the study!). This is very exciting... it's starting to seem a bit more real, but not much.... I think it will be more real when we get on the plane. So at present, this is our official leaving date.

But we can't buy the tickets until we have the visas in our hands. It's going be a bit more expensive, unfortunately.

Also, I need to train someone new for my work (and get through all the hard stuff so they don't have to do it for a long time, i.e. until they understand it enough). I'm going to miss some of the people there a lot, they're lovely. And I'm especially disappointed I didn't get more time to do comms work, because I was looking forward to it so much! But I'm sure I'll get to do it in San Jose.

Again, if anyone knows of cheap shipping... we would fight to the death if there was only one laptop. I suggested this yesterday, and Brendan made the saddest puppy-face: "But we can't play games!" And now I have my new red graphics card, (birthday pressie from Brendan), I would miss playing Oblivion too much. Even if all the dungeon monsters have completely upgraded while I was doing the Arena quests, and now I'm too weak as a mage - the dinosaur things just swipe at me and breathe fire and I fall over dead. And I got asked to join the Dark Brotherhood, and I don't want to.

Also I have to finish wedding planning before we leave, or at least do the bulk of the organising. Luckily this has been OK so far because I've spent a year doing the research, so now I have a fairly good idea of what I want. A sophisticated, elegant wedding, with a black and white theme. (Brendan's word - elegant.) It's just a matter of a.) working out the details, and b.) trying to co-ordinate people to definitely do it. Although the two main venues are booked, which is the most important thing. And yes, I will probably leave my shoes and dress in NZ. Thanks to all those people who have offered to look after it! The lovely ladies at my church have offered to give me a kitchen tea in January, which will be very exciting!

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