Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Next Two Months

As the major purpose of this Blog is to keep everyone updated about our time in California I thought it would be worth providing a break down of what our plans are over the next couple of months.

First of all, for anyone who isn't aware, as I've scored an internship with IBM US, we are moving to San Jose California for around 18 months. At this point we expect to leave in late January, or possibly early February. It all depends on how long the visa process takes. I know that I'll be working here, at IBM's Almaden Research Center, but I have only a vague idea of what I'll be doing. I'd tell you what Tina's doing, but she has access to the blog as well so she can tell you herself :)

We've just yesterday sent the Visa application away, and the next step is to wait for AIPT (the organisation IBM pays to organise Visas) to send us back certificates saying they will "sponsor" us. We then have to take those certificates up to the US Consulate in Auckland, which will issue the actual Visas.

Once we have the Visa's we are free to leave and can book the air tickets. We originally thought we wouldn't need to worry about the cost of these tickets as IBM would provide "relocation costs". As it turns out they do provide the relocation costs, but not until after we arrive in the US. Nice one.

So we have some serious saving to do between now and then as we not only have to pay for the plane tickets, but also alot of random wedding costs along the way. As we're leaving in January, and the wedding is in April, we have to organise all the details in advance (yes, we are coming back in April for the wedding).

The last major thing to do before we leave is to shift all our crap out of the flat and into storage, and pack everything up ready to leave. We have already encountered one potential issue: shipping our computers to the US looks like it will cost an absolute fortune (around $400), but we can't afford to buy new ones over there! If anyone knows how to get cheaper shipping rates, please let us know :)

And of course, we have to clean the flat between then and now. For those who know us, rest assured that Before and After pictures of the study will be posted for your enjoyment. Although the pictures would be more dramatic if Tina hadn't already started cleaning little bits of if (yesterday she found her desk under the paper, with a little more time and the use of a shovel, we may soon find the floor!).

Right, that's all. I should be working...

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Anonymous said...

:D Have fun with one guys... I've seen your study, and everyone says my bedroom's bad, my ass :D