Friday, June 15, 2007

It's hot here....

Yesterday it was 96 degrees F here - about 35 degrees C. Apparently San Jose central was 100 or so. Very very hot. The internal temperature in our house was 85 degrees F - which felt hot until you went outside and realised the outside temperature was at least 10 degrees higher. The pool has become very popular recently - if you go in the evening it's really warm and the air is warm the whole day so it's quite nice.

Here's today's: (as of 4pm)
  • San Jose, California Now:88°F
  • High:96°F
  • Low:55°F

  • Yep. Hot. We went out around 12.30pm to go to the markets and to Circuit City cos Brendan spilled milk over his keyboard and a weird bug has appeared on the SHIFT buttons which means they only work sometimes. So we were very hot in the car - the AC needs to be re-gassed so it blows really hot air from the engine - it's cooler to have hot air blow in the windows instead.

    Also, at temperatures like this, Brendan found out yesterday that the steering wheel was too hot to touch! He had an intern BBQ at work, and they stood around for hours in the hot sun with no shade... silly people. He's a bit sunburned, shall we say....

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