Friday, June 08, 2007

Party weekend! Saturday night birthday party for Eric at the Cellar

The Cellar is a great San Francisco club right in the heart of the entertainment district. Alla's boyfriend Eric is an amateur (but very good) DJ, so for his birthday she organized to book the club for two hours and let him play dance music.

So it was very fun. We drove up and parked right next door where they have valet parking - a weird experience when someone else takes your car keys and parks your car - I prefer it given my track record with a couple of near-miss reversings recently!

The bar was a long expanse of pink and blue fluorescent lighting, with the entire bar table lit up from underneath and slowly changing colour. It made every drink go pink, which looked very cool. Here are photos from the official club photographer, (the first few only) and from Alex, who is a surprisingly good dancer. And Brendan danced a lot, and very well, and he normally isn't that keen so I was pleased.

Alla had put on great mini-fruit muffins and chocolate brownies and other yummy finger food, and everyone danced for ages. At 10pm the club was opened to the rest of San Francisco, and so we danced for a few more hours in a packed club with another DJ and tried to avoid the couples who climbed on the equivalent of tables there. Hmmm...

We left just before 12 and drove home (once we worked our way out of San Francisco proper - our instructions on the way home missed the first, crucial step) to our little house in San Jose, thinking of the great time we'd had and playing dance tunes in the car. We even arrived home just past 12.30, a journey which normally takes an hour.

We really must find a good club which plays techno. And get our nap times to work in the car. I haven't been out in so long.

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