Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Party weekend! Friday night leaving party for Timmo

While discussing this party with an acquaintance here, we both came to the rather embarrassing revelation that neither of us actually knew who Timmo was! We'd just received invites via other people (always the best way to meet new people! I like parties...).

So we turned up after our nap to find the party underway and going strong, and the fooseball table manned by keen German peoples mostly who had had lots of practice at fooseball.

To see more pictures of the event, click here. I've kept it brief because there are so many other pictures floating around on various photo-sharing networks about this party.

The sad thing was that when we talked to Timmo (and actually met him!) who was going back to Germany because he'd failed to get a different visa to stay here, we could see how upset he was to be leaving. His face visibly dropped. If he ever did manage to get another visa, it would be after a year. We both felt pretty bad for him. His American girlfriend is also going to come to Germany for a few months to visit him, but it would stil be pretty devastating.

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