Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas in San Francisco

While we're not in the midst of suburbia, where I'm told the residents really go nuts with Christmas decorating, San Francisco is still quite cool during Christmas. Here is a small glimpse from photos today... (finally done the Christmas shopping for family - many shops were perused for their respective benefits. We hope they like.)

Inside the mall on Market and 5th Streets:

Street view including the Apple store looking along Stockton and Market: (not strictly Christmas but still interesting - and yes that is steam coming from a manhole in the road - it always happens - and if you look in the background, there are lights from the outside of Macy's.):

Macy's shops around the outside of Union Square:

They also put up the Christmas tree in Union Square every year: (sorry if it's blurry)

On the left of the Macy's store, a large tree has been put up in the Neiman Marcus store - this one and Macy's are kinda like Kirks department store in Wellington:

Anyway, that's enough photos for now - I didn't take that many today. I just have one more, but that has its own post!

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One word....WOW