Friday, December 14, 2007

Our first parking ticket...

Tonight when we got home from the gym we met a very distraught neighbour, the one who lives underneath us. She was carrying a box to jump-start her car, which was parked on the top of the street and had a dead battery, and the jump-start portable battery wouldn't work. We tried to charge it using our car, but it really didn't want to work. So in the end she called her ex-boyfriend, whose car it was. I can hear her yelling at him right now. (She is very distraught, poor thing.)

The other day I came home and saw a police car parked outside our house. I was a bit concerned for a moment but went inside and everything was fine. No police at the house of the crazy lady next door, etc etc. Turns out that just before I came home there were 6 police cars outside our apartment, with police crouching outside the door of the neighbour downstairs, guns at the ready! They somehow thought she was involved in human trafficking of underage Asian sex workers! Seriously! Apparently it's a huge issue in California right now, which is horrible - people come in on boats, she told us, and are smuggled through the country.

Tonight we also discovered our very first parking ticket from here! It was $40, for not moving on Monday when the street cleaning truck came by. For a long time, the sign which told you when you had to move had been vandalised, but I noticed last week that it was back up. Guess that should have been our cue.... remember to move it every Monday before 7 am!

But, we're really not too concerned. After all, it would cost us $35 a night to park in the parking buildings around here!

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Smit Family NZ said...

Hiya ... sounds like life is going great ... G had his immunizations yesterday, so he's a tad unsettled and only wants me and not the bottle ... never mind .. is raining now but got horridly sunburnt on Sunday at mum and Dads.