Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another "boot"....

So yesterday, because I'm somewhat paranoid at this point, I went and checked on both our cars. And, yes, once again, we have what is colloquially referred to here as a "boot" - another "Please move your car in 3 days or we will tow it!" notice. Luckily they only posted it two days ago, so we have to move it today. I guess it's just too conspicuous - the traffic cops are after us!

We've been trying to find a garage which can handle the over-sized height, with no luck so far. We need to get a couple of things repaired.

Here are the latest renovations: cupboards primed and painted!

Unfortunately we also covered every flat surface in a cloud of spraypaint, so we're going to have to use paint stripper on the floor.... and repaint the larger cupboard, since it dried a bit blotchy.


Tina said...

Mmm. :( We got towed. Turns out when they say "3 days' they really only mean "we will tow it on the third day!"

Tina said...

Also, paint stripper does surprising things to "baked on dirt and grime"! We loves.