Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fat Kiwi renovations

Renovations on the Fat Kiwi are progressing slowly, in fits and starts, but at least it's progressing. Today I had a day off work (since I don't currently get a Saturday), so I took the bus down to the other side of town, after calling around all the paint shops, to find some blue spray paint for the interior.

We're very lucky where we live - a major bus route goes up the street perpendicular to ours, and down the street below. So what might have been a huge mission involving many buses, only needed me to walk about 100m to the bus stop on the street to the left, and another 50m up the hill to our house when I got off. In San Francisco, this is unusual. Plus, I got to see streets in San Francisco I normally don't see.

(This lady is walking her two small dogs in the pram. I kid you not.)

So I went down on the cable car to take off all the cupboards, and promptly got back on the next cable car when I realised I'd forgotten the keys. Oops.

I got strange looks on the cable car carrying a drawer and several small cupboard doors. I could barely move because the number of tourists increased dramatically between 2.30pm and 3.30 pm, and I underestimated the amount of personal space that would be available.

Here is the current 'look" of the van:

The last major work was painting the side panels - newspaper is about to come off. It has improved the look immensely already!

The stove has been painted with clear gloss on top of the white, to keep it clean. Unfortunately the opposite has happened, and the gloss is full of sealed-in dust. Ick. At least it looks clean from this distance.

So, we have bought new door handles, and all the doors are off their hinges and have had their handles removed. Tonight I'm borrowing a sewing machine from a friend to finish off the curtains since the "no-sew" webbing didn't work so well. We're also hoping to sand and paint some of the cupboards tonight. Wish us luck!

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Anonymous said...

This is like the ultimate road trip car. =D I love it!