Sunday, June 22, 2008

Exploring SF's Civic Center

Last night Brendan and I went down to the Civic Center, which is the main City Hall and government buildings area. We took the tripod to take some night photos as well.

We had dinner at Naan and Curry, a local Indian restaurant chain. It was sooooo good!

The site of the recent controversial gay marriage protests. I drove past on that day, and was horrified at the hate expressed by some of the protesters.

A man reading on the theatre balcony. The building was hosting a ballet performance.

Brendan walking by a statue of Abraham Lincoln, whom it seems Americans consider a minor god.

It was the end of the Juneteenth Festival, which celebrates the end of slavery in the States. There wasn't really much to see, though, save for a Starbucks-themed van and some empty marquees.

One of the final shots of the night.... When I manage to make all of the shots into a video, I will post it here.

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