Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fat Kiwi Progress

Today was spent procuring paint, taping paper everywhere, and inhaling paint fumes through masks which made us look like Darth Vader. We're very pleased with the progress though. The Fat Kiwi has been at the mechanic's for a very long time, getting a complete tune-up.

What you see here is the panels with the cupboard doors removed, and blue or white paint applied. It already looks so much lighter and cleaner.

And, we made a trip to various supermarkets beforehand, and bought Patriotic Cookies. Brendan had been craving sugar cookies all week, so there we go. Except the ones in his cravings were pink, not white with stars on them, so he felt they didn't taste quite as good.

These cookies are the equivalent of doughnuts on the "bad-for-you-and-hence-only-occasionally-eaten" scale. They really are quite disgustingly sickly and bland, and yet you can't stop eating them.....

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