Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fat Kiwi Progress

Today Brendan and I laboured long and hard stripping off the carpet in the front seat area of the van, along with the rubber steps on the doors. We tried using straight mineral spirits on the rubber cement under the carpet, but it just wouldn't budge. So we had to try and scrape it off with a wire brush. Very slow going. One half of the passenger side has been done - it took me ages!

We then drove up to somewhere around Marin County and got petrol. We stopped for icecream next to the Frank Lloyd Wright Civic Center building, which is extremely long and bizarre. From space it looks like a robot spider leg.

Brendan found the biggest can of Rockstar energy drink ever! I had a giant Trumpet-style icecream, which in America is called a Drumstick.

Once we got back into San Francisco, we spent ages driving around SoMa (South of Market) trying to remember where we'd seen the car-wash place. Finally we found it right opposite Costco, one of our local supermarkets. I knew we'd seen it somewhere obvious.....

We vacuumed the van so it's nice now. It feels less grimy. I still want to spray it with the strongest sanitising chemicals available, though. The carpet is really disgusting.

Lastly, we painted the wooden part of the floor with nice shiny decking paint.

I persuaded Brendan to drive me out to the Broadway Tunnel, so we could see some street art created recently using soap and a high-powered water blaster to blast away the dirt. The image is surprisingly detailed.

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