Friday, August 22, 2008

Sitting in the airport....

In an hour, we depart for London! Being at the airport always sounds so glamourous. But the reality is that all airports look basically the same, and the minutes blend into one another in an interminable series of waiting in line, doing security checkpoints and sitting in bland waiting areas trying to find something to eat which is simultaneously remotely filling and healthy, yet not exorbitantly priced.

This is our third flight today - we didn't sleep last night. Miami to Charlotte, North Carolina at 6:30am, then an hour's stopover, then Charlotte to JFK Airport in New York. Now we're in New York, having not actually left the airport for far too many hours.

This afternoon, while Brendan ran some errands, I stayed with our baggage. I attempted mini-naps so as to both gain valuable sleep, and still keep an eye on our luggage. Usually I awoke with a start to find my arm somewhat damper than I remembered, and different people having lunch next to me. But an hour and a half of this game did actually help. The trick was to get yourself just to the point of sleep, and then to wake again so as to scare away any passing people of nefarious character. I probably won't know whether I was successful until we go through UK Customs, but all the bags are there at least.

Brendan's point of view on this: I went to do various important errands, and left Tina to protect the luggage. Tina fell asleep. Several times.

So, this is our last post here from America. See you in London!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to England!! You will love it!! The best part is that it is so unlike America. I love the UK its my favourite place outside NZ. Fortunately you ar4e arriving at a time when the weather is still reasonable... ;-). Wal

Anonymous said...

I hate airports by now. You spent way too much time in them on the way to NZ and back again. Especially if you're doing it without a proper stop-over and fall asleep...(I feel you on that one, Tina).
Hope you'll like Europe/UK and I guess I'll see you there some's not so far from Germany after all. =)
Love and hugs,

Lina said...

OMGZ!! You're in the UK by now! Which means that I get to see you guys soon :)

Lol, I'm still loving airports. Always have. It does become quite boring when you're there waiting for hours and hours and hours but somehow I feel at home at airports. Is that weird? :p The rest of the world is never far away when you're at an airport - you can go to the other side of the world in less than a day from there. Loving that! However, I do know the problem of falling asleep at the airport. I tend to panic when waking up. "Oh no, my luggage!" and "Oh no, how long did I sleep for?? Did I miss my flight??" Which must be the most annoying thing ever. Just imagine all those hours of waiting and then simply missing it due to falling asleep. Oh dear...

Hope you'll enjoy the UK. It's a lovely place. If you don't feel well, just listen to the Chris Moyles Show, Mon-Fri, 6.30 am to 10 am. They'll cheer you up! Always works for me :p

See you soon!!