Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay Update

We are currently staying in the lovely home of Brendan's boss, in Vero Beach, Florida. We're watching the rain and the wind outside - the tropical storm has spawned several tornadoes in the area. But the most serious casualties so far are a whole bunch of people without power, lots of broken sea turtle eggs (very sad), a pygmy sperm whale rescued by surfers down at Vero Beach and a vet clinic which got squashed. (The one horse inside was unharmed.)

It really is raining a lot - already 8.5 inches in the past few hours! There's a flood and tornado warning for our area, and the side of the storm is predicted to pass right over us! The whole street is a river of water. Brendan and I really want to get going to New Orleans (we're going to skip Miami for now for time reasons), but the tropical storm just isn't predictable. Although it seems that it might follow us across to New Orleans at the moment! We only have a few days left in America, and a lot to do.

The poor Fat Kiwi isn't liking the rain - the wood on the floor and backing over the stove have warped and buckled with the leaks pouring in. Rather upsetting.

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