Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Family reunions

Yesterday I drove from Waikanae to Feilding to see my Mum. (Brendan drove back. Yay - road trip!) It was a reasonably momentous occasion since we haven't seen each other (apart from at our wedding) since I was about 16. And I hadn't seen Mum's children since Gordon was 9 months old, and (as Gordie was fond of pointing out) changed lots of his nappies!

So. We looked through all the albums of me as a baby. I once fitted into the large steel bowl Mum had sitting on the bench! Mum also gave me an old tin with a brooch inside: the brooch and tin were given to Mum for me by my Dad's mum, mygrandmother, when I was two, with instructions to give it to me after my wedding day. She died when I was ten. So Mum had kept it for 20 years. That was really special.

The kids are very cute, and we had lots of fun. Gordon's almost eight, Barry's almost seven and Sharna turns five next month. So it was good to see them and Mum. They also had a very cute pet - the equivalent of a squirrel in NZ - a baby possum!

The past few days have been lovely and relaxing. We've been staying at my aunty's lovely house in Waikanae Beach, and enjoying doing nothing, or visiting our relatives.

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