Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We are back in NZ!

Hi everyone, we are back in NZ now. :)

The flight went relatively well; I drove up to San Francisco airport on the very crowded 101 freeway, and Alex drove our car back for us and put it back into the garage, which was very kind. (His car was a bit smaller and might not have fitted our suitcases.)

I managed to get 3+ hours sleep, which was a minor miracle - no kids kicking my seat this time! I know it was around 3 hours since I apparently slept right through Brendan watching the entire James Bond movie, and I vaguely remember him watching other things. (He stayed up all night - I don't know how he did it!)

Unfortunately a very nice present for someone was lost on the journey - we spent an hour at Auckland asking various airport staff to find it. (They were very nice about it, but it's gone.) It was a very small and light package, and probably blew off the cart or something. We're pretty disappointed since we went to a great deal of trouble to find it and create it - we looked in THREE malls all over San Jose!

The landing into Auckland was very smooth, but as we were turning past the Marlborough Sounds to come into Wellington, it was very bumpy and I suddenly felt very sick. I started wishing ferverantly we were on the ground! I spent a lot of the next part of the day feeling slightly ill.

Geoff picked us up at 8am in his little dark blue hatchback and we went to his house for a few hours. It was very funny since we used to live there before we went to America - it was very different (and much more clean)! TheSam seems to have permanently moved in since he was asleep on the couch there. Apparently he contributes towards power and Sky (cable) TV - and has his own "den" in the downstairs room to play Playstation in! Soccer posters line the stairwell walls...

Brendan opened his bag at Geoff's house to give Geoff his laptop, and discovered a note explaining San Francisco customs had searched his bag. Fine, but we couldn't find the bottle of alcohol we'd put in the bag. Where was it? We were disappointed: "Those theiving customs people!" It was only 750ml as well, so not above any sort of customs limit.

Last night, Brendan found it - magically hiding inside his other bag, which we KNOW we didn't put it in! Hmmm...


Lina said...

Oh, I am SO envious! I want to go back to NZ, too :(

How is it? Is everything the way you left it, or is it feeling strange to be back?

That really sucks about the present. Maybe they'll still find the package at some other airport? I'll cross my fingers!

I hope you have a great time and a wonderful wedding!! *hugs*

Tina said...

Hi Lina,

Thanks! *hugs Lina back* Feeling a bit stressed right now, but had mymakeup trial yesterday which was very fun. Having my hair trial ina few hours today as well.

Well, it's raining and a bit colder. :( I hope it's nice for the day!

It's very weird to be back - everything is the same, and not the same. It's like we never left, but now I think I'm looking at it with new eyes. (As cliched as that sounds.)

I'm also slightly annoyed by loud NZ people on the bus who talk on their cellphones - but I think I was annoyed by them before. I also notice variations in the NZ accent more. I think for me it's more I have to keep squashing this completely silly feeling of, well, I don't know - a whole detachedness from things. Maybe you know what I mean, when you came back and noticed how silly people were?

(Also I bought some perfume in America and it came with a huge Givenchy tote bag and I think its unusual in NZ - people keep looking at it, and I'm not sure if its just cos its HUGE and white or cos of the label plastered all over it. I've never had "label" stuff before - it worries me.)

We got a call from the airport at 7.30 this morning - they found our present. We're pretty happy, I'm picking it up today. :)

Hope you're enjoying spring!

love Tina