Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wedding photos!

Last night we drove back to Wellington, from Waikanae, and popped into the photographer's in Johnsonville to see our photos. We loves.

One in particular Tim classes as one of the best wedding pictures he's ever taken, and plans to enter it into photo competitions.

So: for your enjoyment: official wedding pics. The best ones are on the "blog" page, and all of the proofs are on the "proofs" page. You can also buy them from the proofs page, just follow the instructions on the page. But, ask us first and we may just send you some for free!

Thanks once again to everyone that made it happen, especially Ida and Blaise (the head bridesmaid and best man) - we had a fantastic day.


Anonymous said...

Wow.. great pics!!

OK OK.. you got me curious.. which was the one the photographer thinks was one of his best ever... ?? Wal

Tina said...

CB879 - he's adjusted it slightly, but not much. I like it a lot as well.

Tim thinks he will possibly submit it to professional photographer competitions - apparently it's how you advance in the ranks!

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes... Gleny and i had a go at picking it out and that was the one we choose.... its a beauty! Wal