Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fourth of July Party

We'd planned to climb on the roof to see the fireworks. But it was really foggy! We could only see a few little ones near the ground. It would have been far worse for all the people at the Embarcadero, though - they could see even less! And they waited (in the fog) for hours....

At 4pm I walked down to Fisherman's to go to Trader Joes (supermarket) as the buses weren't running due to the enormous number of tourists. The whole area was packed with people getting ready to watch the fireworks. (I had to walk all the way home, as well. I was running late. I was not amused.)

There were also a lot of people camped out at the top of our street. But I think we had the best deal - the view was better, and we could just go back inside! It was a shame, because we could hear everything but not see it. Neither could anyone else in San Francisco, I think.

A tall building a few streets away caught on fire at the corner - I discovered our landline doesn't work when you try to call 911!

Overall, the party was a success. We had lots of fun.

If you're in America, we have some stuff to give away just before we leave - we're still using it! Come and see us on the 18th.

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