Friday, July 18, 2008

The Great American Road Trip. And packing... ick.

The countdown is 3.5 days until we leave. The Fat Kiwi is visiting various mechanics (with much expensiveness!), trips to San Jose and back are being made with alarming frequency (for said mechanics and work-related things), and tomorrow we send off everything we're shipping to the UK. Except we're not completely packed yet. So Brendan and I are sculling caffeine while we finish off computer issues and paperwork. (I specially made mine earlier as an iced "mocha" [mo-ka] - "mochaccino" isn't actually a word in America, apparently, yet "cappaccino" is. Brendan prefers RockStar energy drink.)

So the short version of our itinerary in the Great American Road trip is thus: San Francisco to Seattle; Seattle to Yellowstone to Chicago; Chicago to Boston to New York; New York to Philadelphia and down the East Coast to Miami; Miami to New Orleans. If you need us, email first then call our cells second. Just cos it's cheaper. ;)

Yesterday we had an open house to find someone to rent our apartment. We didn't actually manage to attend! We were in San Jose at the RV mechanic's, learning how to make the Fat Kiwi work. We just made sure to hide the electronics before we left. Brendan arrived home around 7pm to find a man sitting forlornly on the steps outside the building, looking at his watch. He was an hour or so late to the actual open home, so Brendan showed him round. He was very grateful.

Our house is looking rather bare right now - we don't have any couches any more, just a small wooden chair and my computer chair. (Guess who stole that! ;)) We're trying to sell our car, which is always a frustrating exercise. People call at all hours of the day and night, and don't seem to have taken the time to read the ad. They make obscenely low offers in the hope that you're desperate enough to accept, or make appointments and don't show up. Someone called last night at 2am, and asked near the end of the conversation, whether we had cocaine. Um, no. We're selling a car.

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