Sunday, July 20, 2008

We are temporarily homeless!

We have to move out of our house by tonight / early tomorrow morning, but the Fat Kiwi needs to go back to the mechanic's since they couldn't find a part. So we'll be temporarily homeless for a few hours while it gets fixed. We grabbed the Fat Kiwi out of the mechanic's last night so we could put some stuff in there and do some cleaning. At least I finished off all the curtains yesterday. It looks much homelier.

Brendan is going to go to the hardware store today and rent a drill so we can set up the lights, which need a recessed area drilled in the sides of the car. We tried the lights out last night - they're surprisingly bright!

Our house is looking more and more empty. It's like a game - what can we sell on Craigslist?

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TaylorM said...

You could always go Couch Surfing! Wait, don't do that.