Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good news!

Yesterday we received an email confirming our UK visas. I am extremely relieved. Brendan is less relieved because he stressed less about it in the first place. ;) We are also very impressed with the UK consulate here - it only took one day to do the actual visa processing, compared to seven weeks for our friends in New Zealand!

Our house is currently being emptied via Craigslist (the table and chairs and a host of other things are already gone!). It looks very odd. And large.

I also finished my last day at work today! I was sad - I really like the people I worked with. But it was a nice day overall. So the next week is likely to be pretty hectic while we get everything organised - we're leaving just over a week from now: next Monday! We're really excited. (Obviously.)

The Fat Kiwi is taking a short stay at the RV mechanic's down in San Jose. He basically said, "Oh this needs a lot of work," (no kidding!) so it looks like we won't have any hot water on our trip. No matter, it will be extremely hot most of the time anyway. We also probably need to go back to the first mechanic in San Francisco, and get a new gas tank since the old one is apparently mangled! It only holds a quarter of a tank, which is not enough range to get through the middle of the country.

Only eight days left to go!

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Lina said...

Oh yay! When are you gonna arrive in the UK?

Have fun on your road-trip!! It sounds amazing! Especially to someone currently stuck at their laptop writing up the report for yet another research project :p