Friday, July 11, 2008

Grand Canyon Scale for Wellingtonians

Photos never quite seem to convey just how massive the Grand Canyon is. Even seeing it in person you have the impression that there is far too much of it to comprehend all at once - it's simply too large for your brain to get a feel for how large is actually is.

For the sake of comparison, I drew up a little diagram to make a uniquely Wellingtonian size comparison.

Wellington Landmarks compared to the Grand Canyon. Roughly to scale.

Neither the BNZ building (Darth Vader's pencil box) or the Majestic Center (with it's tiara of lights) even make it out of the small inner canyon. In other words, if you placed the BNZ Center in the Grand Canyon, it would completely disappear from view. Even if you stood at the edge of the canyon and looked down.

If you're wondering, Auckland doesn't fare too much better.

Sky Tower compared to the Grand Canyon

At least with the Sky Tower, you could probably catch a glimpse of it's spike if you stood in the right place.

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