Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Walmart is Katrina's favourite shop. And since we find Walmart amusing, I think it deserves its own post. So, as promised: Walmart.

Walmart: the over-sized, big brother of The Warehouse. Selling almost everything you could possibly imagine - from sewing to furniture to groceries to house items to garden stuff to car parts...

It also has a gift registry service. This is odd, since shopping for a wedding present at Walmart must be like having a pot-luck wedding, or having a gift registry at The Warehouse. I think it has a similar reputation. It has a number of amazingly cheap things for sale, such as $15 vacuum-cleaners.

However I think we'll spend a bit more [time] at Ikea, I think it's pretty. In fact, Ikea is very close to chicky nesting heaven. The dilemma - buy more expensive pretty things and ship it all back to NZ, since we can't get them here yet - or buy cheap things and sell them/ get rid of them later? Auckland is about to get an Ikea next year, but is it worth shipping things from Auckland to Wellington?

We went to Walmart the night we moved into our house, to buy "house-stuff". For $800 we ended up with four trolleys - people looked at us like we were mad until I explained we were moving house - then they gave knowing looks and said, "Ah." For this $800, we managed to get: an "office set" consisting of tiny desks, even tinier bookcases and what we made into our bedside tables; pretty computer chairs; 4 pillows (2 for $10) and a duvet and sheets; an entire set of crockery and cutlery and pots and pans and miscellaneous kitchen ware; and a matching toaster and blender and jug. (Yes, I know.) And...

... Placenta shampoo. Yes, I thought it was the label too. But, on closer inspection - it actually says it is made from placentas. Really. It has "placenta enzymes" in the ingredients list. Funny. And disgusting.

The best part is, it says you can get a $2 rebate... it only cost around $3 to begin with!


fia said...

placenta shampoo? now im disturbed.thats just gross.

Lina said...

IKEA!!!! It's love! Here in Germany the Ikea catalogue is something like a bible to students :p But it's dangerous to go shopping there because you usually end up buying so much more than you actually planned to get. :p

Shampoo made from placenta???? That's just plain wrong that is! *shudders*

Lol, my word verification says "dohug". So I will: *hug*