Tuesday, February 13, 2007


In a hypothetical parallel universe, Tina and Brendan are homeless and complaining much more loudly than they did about their computers.

Walking home recently, I starting seeing worrying numbers of police cars on the road. Then flares. Then fire trucks. Then finally crowds of onlookers, a big plume of smoke, and a what appeared to be almost every fire truck in the region (there were around 10-12 of them parked outside, and another five or six coming or going at any time). The Santa Teresa apartments down the road from where we live (map) were on fire and had been for the past couple of hours.

Here are a couple of new stories from the day: one, two. If it asks you to sign up, you can just sign in as fake123@fakeemail.com, password fake123.

I like the way that top article is careful to mention a "scared" little old lady, and the fact that the firefighters rescued three cats, two dogs, and a cage of birds. That's some nice journalism right there.

What's particularly relevant for us is that before we got to San Jose, these were the apartments we wanted to live in. They're around $300 cheaper per month and are closer to work. The only reason we didn't move in there was that when we called to apply, they had recently filled their last single bedroom apartment. "Gutted" we thought at the time.


Lina said...

Oh my... Lucky you're not the Brendon and Tina from the parallel universe.
Poor other people though :S

Tina said...

Yeah - it was scary for us in that "what if..." way.