Friday, February 16, 2007

Why we should do arts degrees instead of business degrees....

I love this article in the NZ Herald. I have to admit I appreciate my arts degree. Even if it makes me analyze everything! Business rationale is still occasionally foreign to me, even with a business post-grad diploma. (Think: business degree squashed into an honours year. Without the accounting.)

But it cheered me up. I really really want a PR job, I am going nuts here but I still have to wait three months to get my work permit. Which is depressing really.

Luckily I have wedding planning to do, and my book... but I'm a bit over that right now. There's only so much excitement one can sustain continuously, even about one's wedding.

Today I went to the mall with a really lovely lady I met here and her cute baby, (NO! No babies!) and got the rest of the stuff needed to make invites. Yay! It's taken a lot longer than I wanted. Looks like we're going to be a bit busy this weekend...

On a side note, it seemed to be "Moms at the mall" (as my friend put it) today. Lots of (teenage) mothers with small kids and prams. I saw almost no old people or (non-mummy) teenagers. Guess they're all at school still. (It's Friday here now - 5pm.)

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