Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nominations for Top Ten Places to Drink Coffee in Wellington

In the spirit of the last post re: best places to get/be drunk at in Wellington, I thought we should also offer Best places to Drink Coffee.

So, here's a few to get us started:

Espressoholic. Usually great coffee, sometimes not. Open from 8pm to late at night when almost nothing else on Courtenay is. Nice, if pricey, food. Especially good is the chocolate silk cake, but very rich - you need to share it among at least two people. Very busy usually - the outside courtyard is nice enough if you can handle the smokers.

Midnight Espresso. On Cuba St, competitor to Espressoholic. Also open 8pm til late. Makes great iced chocolates. Look out for the guy who comes in around 11pm to play Pinball (correct me if I'm wrong, Blaise.)

EDIT: We've decided to make this one exclusively Cafes (sorry Lina, they'll go towards the next one). Wellington certainly has enough of them to make it worth it.


Lina said...

Oh, yay!!

My number one: The Chocolate Fish Cafe in Scorching Bay / Seaton (or is it already Miramar?) - very good coffee, awesome chocolate fish cake, an amazing view, and (OMG) the chance to eat of a fork the LotR crew ate from (as my friends back here pointed out, rotfl).Also, the prices are reasonable and it's opened from (wait, just looking for the picture of the opening times) 8.30-ish to 5pm-ish :p And if you want to burn calories, just walk up the steps behind the very colourful garage and be stunned.

Hm, what else?
The Espresso Cafe in Te Papa (fourth floor or so) - very cosy, unbelievably good coffee and a wide range of teas. Also very yummeh food, the brownies there are love! The prices are just the same as everywhere else. It's opened according to the opening times of Te Papa. I miss that place *sigh*

That's my favourite places in Wellington to get coffee. I am also addicted to Starbucks - the one on Lambton Quay crn. Willis Street is purdy. They are so much cheaper in Wellington than over here, meh.

Strawberry Fare is my favourite place to get... well main-course-sized dessert because it rulez!

Shed 5 has unbelievably good food (seriously!! it's heaven!), quite expensive though, and their coffee sucks.

Ahh, that was fun!

amelia said...

It has to be: The Parade Café - Oriental Bay.
First off - you can't beat the location and secondly they do the BEST smoothies in town - tell me, where else can you get feijoa smoothies?
The food portions are decent too (seriously - there are some places that just don't fill you up!) and deliciouse - never lacking in the essentials like home-made sauces and sourcream.

Ok, now I have just seen that it is "Top ten places to drink coffee"! On the e-mail it said Top Ten café's. Oh well, I think the coffee there is ok too - although I haven't had it, they are large cups - that's always a good start.

Secondly, in that case, would be Espressoholic - can't beat the atmosphere - young, vibrant and funky. Generally pretty good coffee too and you can't beat an espressoholic Hot Chocolate - them being gigantic and all!!!

Ida said...

Midnight Espresso
Oh, how I heart this place. The best Iced Chocolates in town. They're only $4! The food is so yummy. And the people are cool. And the staff are great. And the music is awesome. On Tuesday night, I had one of the best meals of my life there. And they're open till 3am, 7 days a week - perfect for late night coffee excursions.

Tahra said...

Not much of a coffee drinker, but Starbucks in the Arcade do a mean Caramel Macchiato. Their upstairs area is just so nice. And the Biscotti? Yum.

Second would have to be Espressoholic for sure... Definately loving that outdoor smoking area, well, when I was a smoker I did anyways.

For your next idea, please do eateries, coz I know them so much better than cafes :D

Tina said...

Blaise! Where are you? I know you rave about Galleria's good coffee - where's the review? (It's a cafe at Vic Uni, for those who don't know.)