Thursday, February 08, 2007

Student Life

I'm writing a book called The Student's Guide to Everything (working title), in an effort to do something more interesting while waiting the three months for my work permit than watching American daytime TV.

(I lie - we don't have a TV. Or currently, even a computer. I suspect I'm developing a reputation here at the 'business centre' as the girl who always hogs the one good computer!) I also realised we have only 2.5 months until our wedding, and a LOT of things have yet to be done. We found a photographer yesterday - yay! But I can't do the invites unless I manage to fix my computer. I now have a new screen (it arrived an hour ago) and a new hard drive, and windows xp home edition, so will see what miracles Brendan can perform.

Anyway: to all my student/ex-student friends, I need to pick your brains. The target audience is the 17 year-olds and 18 year-olds who have just finished high school and are about to go to uni. What do they need to know?

- What were you unsure of when you started uni? What did you really need to know abotu student life? What's it actually like being a student?
- If you could give your younger selves some advice about uni and life in general, what would it be?
- What are the mimimum basic ingredients every student needs in their cupboard to cook healthy-ish meals? What about when you only have a few dollars left for food? What did you buy to tide you over? Send me your recipies for cheap food! And no, 2 minute noodles only counts sometimes.
- Student dating - are there certain rules?
- How do you organise a party?
- study tips - how to avoid going to the library? How to get away with handing in stuff late?
- any generic tips about being a student?

Basically, I want to hear your opinions! Our student years were relatively sedate - I need a wider range of experiences than just mine and Brendan's. So tell me anything you think will be even remotely useful.

Ellie's counting on you!

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