Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Super-size me Alcohol

At Rite Aid, the normal supermarket (the nearest one to us is called "Nob Hill", which I thought was a posh suburb of San Francisco) and at any other type of dairy or food-selling place*, you can buy alcohol. Not just wine and beer, either. You can buy huge 1.75 L bottles of any kind of spirits you like, mostly things like vodka and tequila and brandy and rum - all the "basics". And it's insanely cheap. As in, expensive tequila sells there for around $25. A huge bottle's worth. 'Table wine' (i.e. not that good quality) from Rite Aid, comes in, well, not just magnums, but 4 L glass bottles! For $10!! A small bottle of Baileys is $15.

Kat and Matt did tell us it was insanely cheap to buy alcohol here. They were certainly not kidding.

* I digress. Rite Aid doesn't actually sell food any more than Starmart does: it sells preservatives and sugar. Which aren't actually food. Though it does also sell milk. It's like a mini Walmart- it sells medicine, but also random things like cosmetics and hammers and alcohol and socks. And lots of plug extenders.

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