Saturday, February 24, 2007

San Jose nightclubs

An article in the San Jose Mercury News about how they're trying to make San Jose nightclubs more safe. I think its cos there are generally not that many white people there... ah how much I hate how race comes into things here in America!

When I asked the other interns about the clubs here, they said they don't go that often, and the ones they went to were "dirty" - as in Shooters dirty.

I want to go dancing sometime though- maybe Onita will know. She likes dancing too. Of course, the San Francisco ones are supposed to be much, much better...

Today we went to Costco (kinda like Moore Wilsons) and back to Ikea to pick up our chairs. Yay! We have actual chairs for our table now!

And Alex, the last intern, has come over now. He's pretty cool. He used to work with our friend Matt, though we hadn't met him before. It's funny, everyone here kinda knows each other or knows people who know each other. Wellington is so small.

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