Friday, May 25, 2007

American food....

We're having a week of "American cooking" using only American recipes. We just got back from Albertsons supermarket tonight, having bought all the ingredients. It was much more expensive even buying the generic versions of the food. We also bought a lot more than we normally would in a week, just to make the dinners. And this doesn't count breakfasts or lunches. And I haven't even been to the markets yet!

Will go and try out this ridiculously-bad-for-you American dessert which is like a frozen chocolate mousse - the main ingredient is something called "Cool Whip". As far as I can make out, "Cool Whip" is an all-purpose concoction of vegetable oil and sugar and a few other unhealthy ingredients all 'whipped' together with air to make fluffy white stuff not unlike whipped cream. Americans use it to make icing for cakes, chocolate mousse, and any other time you need something with lots of puffy volume and no substance. The main annoying thing about the recipe is that there is no way to substitute more healthy ingredients for any of it: it all comes from packets. To be precise, the ingredients are: 1 packet Oreos, 2 packets "Instant pudding and pie filling", and 2 cups "Cool Whip". What's even in these things?!

I'm also making watermelon sorbet with half a watermelon. Now that is much healthier.

There is a lot more I could say on American food, but that's another post, as Fia knows. This is only a short comment.

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