Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cinco de Mayo....

is Spanish for "The 5th of May", a Mexican holiday celebrating the country's win in a battle against France, of all things. (Here's the downtown San Jose report.) So in true "living in America" style, we went to Alex's flat to party!

There were about 6 Germans, and about half the Kiwi contingent, and various other IBM-ers and non-IBM-ers. So it was great to see some more familiar faces, and meet some cool new people. We ate some German pretzels, barbecued food in different states of charcoal, and Kinder chocolate with white chocolate and honeypuffs in it! (The same brand as Kinder Surprises.)

We brought the 42 Below Feijoa vodka which we'd brought over from NZ, and lots of ice and lemonade to make Falling Water cocktails (recipe courtesy of Ida via the Matterhorn Bar in Wellington). They're our specialty, it seems. There was much interest as many Americans and certain Kiwis had no idea what feijoas were. Trying to describe them is a bit hard. Although Stefan tells us that NZ is the only country to commercially grow feijoas, hence their unknown quality. Luckily people seemed to like the taste. And the picture of NZ on the bottle came in handy.

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