Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Possums of America

I got this email at work today:
SITE OPERATIONS NOTICE: Parcourse / Recreation Center Facility Closure, May 12 to May 13

Project: Rodent Abatement
When: Saturday, May 12 through Sunday, May 13
Impact on site: Over the weekend, Facilities will begin rodent abatement treatments around the parcourse and recreation center facility. Affected areas will be cordoned off for employee safety.
The recreation center and parcourse will be closed over the weekend, but are expected to reopen on Monday, May 14.
For further information on the rodent abatement program - click here.
I figured it was pretty normal for a building this size to have a rodent problem every now and then. Fair enough. And then I clicked the link and realized they're not talking about mice, they're talking about Squirrels. Now I know how Australians feel when they hear about Kiwi's killing off those "cute, adorable possums".

A pet squirrel

A pet possum

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