Sunday, May 13, 2007

Brendan: Polynapping Day Two

Ok, now I'm tired. I've just started day three and the first half-hour after getting up was the first time the sleepyness has exceeded that of a good all-nighter. I looked in the mirror and let's just say I was extremely grateful there were no flatmates around to see me, only Tina who looked somewhat similar. My eyes were red enough for people to start wondering what I've been smoking.

That said, if I lived in a flat full of guys I could more easily get away with my preferred means of communication at this point, pointing and grunting. When I wanted Tina to pass me a glass of water earlier, my finger was up there for a good three seconds before I realised (with an embarrasingly large degree of disappointment) that I would have to switch on the rest of my brain and form words.

Today I expect to be made painfully aware of the fact that although I have created a day with 4 more hours than usual, it also has 4 mornings.

Yesterday, however, was actually a pleasant surprise. I actually felt more awake than day 1 for the bulk of the day. Of course, this did make it harder to get to sleep during my naps which was unfortunate. Only after the 7:30pm nap did tiredness really start to set in and by 1am I was definitly ready for a sleep.

One interesting effect of our new schedule has been its effect on our eating habits. We eat fairly erratically at the best of times, but already we've begun to move away from 3 large meals a day, towards eating 4 smaller meals during each waking period and snacking as needed. We still have a breakfast (albeit at 5am) and a dinner, but we also tend to eat at 10-11am and 2pm, in what I can only call early lunch and late lunch. That batch of fruit we got from the markets is certainly coming in handy as we seem to eat alot more this way :)

A tip for others trying to adapt to a sleeping schedule like this is to take your meals during the first half of a waking period so as to avoid going to nap on a full stomach.

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