Saturday, May 12, 2007

Christina: Polyphasic Day One

Yep, I thought everything was fine yesterday. I got mini-naps, I drove around Walmart, we laughed at the woman with peroxide hair and peroxide eyebrows and black regrowth, things were fine.

Today... woah. It's 4:26 am: 26 minutes into the second day and I want my sleep back, not least because it's Saturday. I'm a bit woozy. And Alex has invited us to watch the new Spiderman movie tomorrow, which would be fun except that I think we're both scared of falling asleep in the theatre. Warm dark room + 2 days sleep deprivation = oopsies.

Oh yes, and definitely no driving. Wonder if he'd pick us up?Hence not one but two trips to Walmart yesterday to get last-minute things of essential importance like peanut butter cups from the wall full that Walmart has.

So while yesterday I also succeeded in trimming back my "resume" to 1 page - believe me, it was very hard - today I only plan to do housework. That shouldn't require too much thought - right?

But, I suspect that finishing a Warcraft campaign will be there somewhere. Several somewheres. Hmmm.... maybe I should use the entire time to play Warcraft! Hmmm, no. Bad idea. I will revisit that idea later. Less willpower...

On that note, Happy Mother's Day Mum Fiona and Mum Julie, we hope you have an awesome day. And that the rest of your kids at home attempt to make you breakfast in bed, as I once did. And that their idea of "the perfect breakfast time" is not 6 am, which for some inordane reason as a child, I thought was.

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